The CODEX Australia Chapbooks

Each is 24 pages, full colour, A5. Price is $25 each, including postage.


#1 – The Book of 3 Times, by Alex Selenitsch.
A book about the dis-relation of text to book – ‘I can write a text, but I must MAKE a book’ – this book is about ‘making’, an account of what happens when one uses the language and methods of book-making in order to extend the book’s possibilities.

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#2 – 10 Books, 5 Makers, essays by Alex Selenitsch & Marian Crawford.
Early in 2013, Jorge Alberto Lozoya of Codex Mexico invited Alan Loney to curate ten books by five Australian book artists to exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington DC. The selected makers were Petr Herel, Peter Lyssiotis, Bruno Leti, Carolyn Fraser, and Alan Loney. The exhibition ran from 22 March to 29 June 2013.

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